Blog Policy...


First of all Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy what you’ve made.

•I respect your Work, please respect mine!!!
• I love To Blog, It Fun and so it should stay...
• My RL Goes Always First..
• I blog Things i like.. I cannot always guarantee that everything you send me will be posted..
• I reserve the right to post things that I think fits my style & Taste.
• I Try to Post  in 24 Hours if My Rl isn't to Busy..
• I Don't Send Links Of my Pics in IMs if u have a Flickr Group i will Add them there..
• About my Photo's I reserve the right to adjust my pictures after my own Style. If you don't like what i do , Please find another blogger that Fits You're Taste.
 Thanks to all who follows my blog ❤

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