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Hi Followfaces <3 
i know i Don't  talk so much in my Blog posts..
But today i just wanted to tell u guys about this new Store that will open Soon! 
The Store called  Go & See  and She made the skin i wear in this post, and I'm totally in love with it.. 
i was a lil worried because it is a pale skin and i don't wear that skin tone often..
but its  perfect on me &  i just love it <3
Go & See Will open her Door soon, and u deff need to check her stuff!! 
For More info Contact Kristyna wikifoo Inworld...

Hair: . Liquence . - F6 in Genetics With +Spellbound+ Hexahat..
Skin: Go & See  * Leo * <3 Tired -!Coming SOON-
Eyebrows: Go & See * Eyebrows (Included in skin pack) -!Coming SOON-
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes - Chocolate...
Eyeshadow: Go & See * Eye-G-Liner Black.. (Included in skin pack) -!Coming SOON-
Lips: Go & See Gloss Lips - Nude.. -!Coming SOON-
Tattoo: Speakeasy :: Dead Letters Tat faded -!Currently @ Suicide Dollz-
Top: {.HoneyB's.} .Crafty.Tops.Cross -!Currently @ Suicide Dollz-
Skirt: IAF Double Slit Pencil Skirt (With Appliers) -!Currently @ The Big Show-
Leggings: IAF Laddered Leggings (Sheer) (With Appliers) -!Currently @ The Big Show-
Heels: -DRD-  Bohemian heels - black mix- metalbeads -!Currently @ Suicide Dollz-

Glasses: .PANIK. Flowy Glasses ~ Translucide -!Currently @ The Season Story-
Nose Ring: .random.Matter. - Rasputina Septum - Gold...
Necklace: POMPOSITY - 3 Wise Monkeys Necklace -!Currently @ Suicide Dollz-
Azz: *L.inc* Cute Azz..

Happy Shopping! 

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