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Would you be mine?
Would you be my baby tonight?
Could be kissing my fruit punch lips in the bright sunshine
Cause I like quite a lot, everything you got
Don't you know?It's you that I adore
Though I make the boys fall like dominoes

Kiss me in the d-a-r-k dark tonight
(D-a-r-k, do it my way)
Kiss me in the p-a-r-k park tonight
(P-a-r-k, let them all say)

Hey Lolita, hey! Hey Lolita, hey!
I know what the boys want, I'm not gonna play
Hey Lolita, hey! Hey Lolita, hey!
Whistle all you want, but I'm not gonna stay
No more skipping rope skipping heartbeats with the boys downtown
Just you and me feeling the heat even when the sun goes down

I could be yours, I could be your baby tonight
Topple you down from your sky 40 stories high
Shining like a God, can't believe I caught you and so
Look at what I bought, not a second thought - oh, Romeo...


Shape: My Own.
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair - Sirena..
Skin: Essences - Emma *peche* -!New- @ TDR
Brows: .r.M. Savage Brows..
Eye Makeup: [Buzz] Essentials - Royale Liner  @ Kustom9!
Freckles: Freckles - almost free (By lolli hoxley)
Eyes: .random.Matter.  Ascent Eyes - Abyss..
Tattoo: .Identity.  - Indulgence (With Applier)
Body: .PANIK. Slave Body -!Azz Show Exclusive-  (starts Tomorrow)
Arm Warmers: C h a r y . -  Sporty warmers..
Skirt: [PL] Teeny Tiny Tutu
-!Azz Show Exclusive-  (starts Tomorrow)
 Socks: C h a r y . - Ballet Socks..
Boots: !!SpoiledLiLBrat!! Bratz Platz black -!New-

Headband: .PANIK. Skully Headband -!Recent Release-
Crown: -LaViere- Fake Plastic Crown..
Piercing 1: .r.M. - Harvester v2..
Piercing 2: .r.M. - Buried Memories..
Necklace: FAUX - Pop, Lock, & Drop Necklace -!New- @ SL Fashion week-
Body Horns:
C h a r y . - Horizontal Body Horns..
Armour: [The Forge] Daerwen Armour..
Magic Stick ^^- .tsg. Moonlight Magic - Cutie Moon Rod Black -!Oh my gatcha Exclusive-
Ring: RO - Recluse Ring..
Leg Strap: - Pr!cK - IrOnStraP { SilAck  }
-!Azz Show Exclusive-  (starts Tomorrow) 
Azz: *L.inc* Phat Azz..
Titz: Lolas :::Tango Mirage :::

Sincerely, the Fashion Whore!

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