[ "Say my name" ]

by - 6:49 PM

I know girls love Beyoncé
Girls love to fuck with your conscience
Girls hate when niggas go missing and shawty you ain't no different
These days it's hard to meet Gentlemen
Feel like my love life is finished
I've been avoiding commitment
That's why I'm in this position
I'm scared to let somebody in on this
No new friends, no no no no
You know how this shit go
You got your fair share of admirers that call your phone
You try to act like it's just me, but I'm not alone
But if you're alone then, say my name, say my name

Say my name, say my name
When no one is around you
Say, "Baby, I love you"
If you ain't running games
Say my name, say my name
You actin' kinda shady, baby
Why the sudden change?
Say my name
Say my name
Say my name
Say my name, say my name
If no one is around you

      Shape: My Own.
      Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Beaumont hair..
      Skin: ::DirtyMind:: Dina Skin Base - T3 -!New-
      Brows: Soiree - Brows / Kat (MarketPlace)
      Freckles: Freckles - almost free (By lolli hoxley)
      Liner: #adored - loorde liner (MarketPlace)
      Lips: ::DirtyMind:: Dina Lipstick  - Nude deux..
      Eyes: {D.A} Lumiere Brown's..
      Top: {PixelGeek} Tube lace top -!New- @ Suicide Dollz Event-
      Jeans: ..Sabotage..: Combination Pant - Azure -!New- @ the limited Bazaar!
      Heels: >.H.C.< QUINN..

         Fur Cape:*COCO*_FurCape BrownMix -!FREE-
        Titz: Lolas ::: Tango Mirage..
        Necklace: [7891.] Creed Necklace - Gold.. (MarketPlace)
        Belt: *COCO*_WideWaistBelt_Black -!FREE-
        Bracelet Right: Lavish Bracelet [Gold][Black]
        Bracelet Left: illmatic :: The Essential Wranglet..
        Hip Bag: ..Sabotage..: Fanny Pack - Metallic Rust. -!New- @ the limited Bazaar!

        Pose: Flash Friendly Poses - Stands 056-060 Pose10 -!New- @ SL Fashion Week

        Hope Yall have a Great weekend. 

        Sincerely, the Fashion Whore

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