[ I'll cool your ass down if you think your hot shit..]

by - 5:24 PM

So Rolex watch this
I do it four, five, six
My click, clack goes the black four-fifth
And just like it I'll blow that shit
Cuz bitch I'm the bomb like tick, tick, 

Shape: My Own!
Hair: Magika [01] Sudden -!New-
Skin: ::DirtyMind:: Madge Skin -Currently @ the Singer Icon Fair!-
Eyes: Clemmm Fract Eyes Inhuman..
Lips: [PF] INK Lipstick/LipGloss..
Jacket: Paperbag. Grey Vintage Denim Jacket -Currently @ the Singer Icon Fair!-
Top: Paperbag. Leather Garter Bustier -Currently @ the Singer Icon Fair!-
Skirt: IAF Jovonnista Skirt (Leopard) - -Currently @ the Singer Icon Fair!-
Heels: >.H.C.< QUINN -!New- ♡ Thank Yo0 ♡

Shades: [Co57] Iggy Leopard Shades..
Nose Ring: {SYL} Venchy Nose Ring v2..
TitZ: Lolas :::Tango :::  UPDATED!
Azz: *L.inc* Phat Azz <3

Have a Great Weekend

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