All y'all n*gg*s wanna get like me Surrounded by bitches that look like these You know it, you know it....

by - 12:39 PM

UNH! I'm the shizzniyee
You should follow my example - bitch, i.e.
Cuz I'm front row, Isaac Mizrahi
In the truck but I ain't suck diznayee
All these hoes wanna get like me
Get their own speakers and some prose like me
When I'm at the game, all the pros like me
Bitch I'm a pro, ain't a ho like me
Bitches ain't stuntin' in the cold like me
Some call me bitchie, so Necole like me
Pull up in the ghost, East Coast like me
My n*gga spend money like the coke price free
Uhn! Bon voyage
Nicki M. Baby, Buns Minaj
Back of the ‘Bach slumpty, Humpty Dumpty
On the back of the bike, these stunts be comfy..

 Shape: My Own..
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Jules"
Skin: ITGIRLS - KiKi Summer..
Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes - Brown..
Eye makeup: Pink Acid Roxanne Eyeliner -Black Fair-
Top: NS:: Reef Inspiration (black) -Reef's Color Fair-
Boobies Applier: !.R.! Halter Bs Black..
Short: [whatever] studded shorts - black..
Boots: ISON - carazon boots..

Cap: =BLAST= snapback..
Teeth: [whatever] Teeth..
Necklace: illmatic :: Over sized Channel Pendant - Gold..
Rings Right: [7891.] Hollywood Rings - Gold..
Ring Left: [EY:NO] Filigran Ring l.. -Shop Closed-

Have a lovely Friday and a Great Weekend <3 

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